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This environmental center is located in East Liberty, Pittsburgh, PA. It hosts two classrooms, two office spaces, a conference room and kitchenette, a greenhouse, a working space, as well as a sheltered farmer's market. The idea of sliding planes was crucial in intertwining these elements.

If interested, code review drawings are here.

Fall 2018

Architecture Studio: Elaboration I

Professors: Jonathan Kline, Benjamin Saks


We started this project by doing collective research as a studio on the neighborhood of the site, East Liberty. I was assigned to the human context group, in which we talked to current East Liberty residents and researched on housing, quality of life, and schools in the area as well. Other groups worked on topics such as ecology and systems.

I initially started by trying to collect rainwater, very much inspired by the Frick Environmental Center. However, this seemed to cause my design to convene and crash at a certain point. I also looked at the precedent of the Barcelona Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe to try to use sliding planes to encourage movement and circulation throughout the building. I iterated many times on sheets of trace and throughout my Sketchbook to finally settle one I thought maximized circulation and space with the constraints of the assignment.

Previous Iteration Model
East Liberty Social Context Infographic, done as a group
History of East Liberty Timeline, done as a group
Section Perspective


Site Plan
Diagram Set


Model in Site Model
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