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Interior Render


This urban youth hostel is situated in the North Side of Pittsburgh, PA in an abandoned shell of an existing building. This project explores the use of axis to underscore and highlight the attributes of the existing building through a hostel.

Spring 2019

Architecture Studio: Elaboration II

Professors: Jeremy Ficca, Manuel Rodriguez Ladron de Guevara

Exterior Elevation Vector Drawing
Back Interior Panorama
Sketchbook Page 1


As the side is located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, our studio took a site visit to document the existing, surrounding shell of the building. We collaborated as a studio to produce vector drawings and photo collages of the current site.

I personally was drawn to the experience the shell of the existing building created, and was thus inspired to evoke the same emotions to those that visited the hostel I was designing. I also researched hostels. Having stayed in hostels, I always loved being able to meet other travelers and having a common space to do so, which I kept in mind when designing as well.

When designing, I focused on these two aspects which drove my design intent. I explored openings in the plan that would allow for courtyard spaces. I explored using the side parcel of land to open the initial shell up to the street. I tried to keep as much of the initial shell as possible in order to be economic and considerate of Pittsburgh's history.

Sketchbook Page 2


Level 1 Plan
Level 3 Plan
Section Drawing
Level 2 Plan
Courtyard Render


Model Level 1
Model Level 2
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