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BOOTH 2019:


Booth is an annual Carnegie Mellon tradition in which student organizations build 18' by 18' structures that usually encompass a game and crafts. These structures meet code and are built with wooden frames. I served as one of the booth chairs; drawing our plans, ensuring that our booth was up to code, and leading us to our first place win. I have included select drawings, as well as photos from construction and the completed booth.

Spring 2019

Independent Project in collaboration with the Taiwanese Students Association (TSA)

Other Booth Chairs: Anthony Su, Carolyn Zhong, Timothy Liu, Hannah Daniel, Jacqueline Hon, Jespar Chen, Jenny Zhu

Construction Photo


As the overall chair, I was in charge of all the communication between the TSA and Spring Carnival Committee, the organization that oversees booth and makes our booth university approved. I was in charge of 3D modelling the booth in Rhino, and making the plan drawings for submission. Additionally, as an overall chair, I had to manage the team and help to resolve interpersonal conflicts and motivational issues on the team.

When trying to come up with plans, we often brainstormed on a whiteboard as a team of chairs, coming up with themes from the game Animal Crossing to match the overall theme of Planet Earth. There was definitely a lot of compromise involved, and we tried to work to everyone's strengths.

Construction Photo
High Ceiling Wall Frames
Wall Frames
Completed Photo


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